Ends on October 13, 2017

  • Do not include your name anywhere in your submission or in the "Title" field of the application form. Please only include your name in the "Name" field on the application form. Submissions are judged by a blind jury process, so if your name is included on your piece or in any location other than the “Name” field on the application form, your submission will not be considered for publication.

  • Scribendi welcomes foreign language submissions in any of the above literary categories.

  • Works may be written in any language other than English, but must be accompanied by an English translation, with appropriate acknowledgements to the translator, if applicable. Include the translation in the same file as the original piece. 

  • Scribendi limits submissions in the foreign language category to three (3) titled pieces.

  • Untitled works will not be considered for publication.

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