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  • Do not include your name anywhere in your submission or in the "Title" field of the application form. Please only include your name in the "Name" field on the application form. Submissions are judged by a blind jury process, so if your name is included on your piece or in any location other than the “Name” field on the application form, your submission will not be considered for publication.

  • Poetry submissions may be in any style of poetry including, but not limited to, sonnet, limerick, haiku, acrostic, pantoum, villanelle, and free verse.

  • All written submissions must be in 12 point, Times New Roman in Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text (.rtf) format.  Do not include extra information in a header, especially not your name.

  • Scribendi limits submissions in the poetry category to three (3) titled poems, no longer than five pages each.

  • Submit only ONE poem in each submission. If you are submitting two poems then you must do a separate submission for each poem.

  • Untitled works will not be considered for publication.

  • Submitted works must also have been written while attending a university or had extensive revisions since entering college.

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